German-Africa Insight, GAI eV ., is a non-profit association registered since 2013 and based in Freiburg im Breisgau. Our focus is on integration work, refugee work and intercultural and international cooperation. Our goal is to promote and support the social, economic and political integration of African immigrants in Germany.

We are also committed to promoting international understanding and the establishment and implementation of sustainable development projects in Africa. For example, we support and encourage young Africans, especially young women, in their professional training and career in Germany.

On the one hand, GAI eV in Freiburg contributes to the integration of refugees into German society through various real-life and everyday activities, on the other hand we offer migrants active help to master everyday life in Germany. An important key objective of our association is also to be in contact with the citizens in order to sensitize them to the topic of Africa and people with African roots, i.e. to do educational work.

Our association has a wide network in Germany. We cooperate with various African and German associations. In Freiburg, GAI eV cooperates with Aktion Dreiwelt eV, iz3w Freiburg and Südwind eV, which have been providing migration advice since 1976. With our project partners in Africa, we support various innovative social projects that sustainably promote ecological development and fight social injustice.