integration DAY

Diversity plays a fundamental and enriching role in all modern societies. Despite the challenges that come with it, it cannot be overestimated. The resulting
„multicultural society“ is increasingly accepted as a reality in Germany. Historically, Germany has never had a culturally homogeneous founding history
or nation, although oddly enough, there are beliefs that „the“ Germanness exists. Characterized by waves of immigration and globalization, the country is
now transforming into a more open society. The question arises how we as an association (GAI eV) react to the cultural and religious differences? How do we
deal with them when they manifest themselves in a new, multicultural Germany?

In recent years, African-Germans have become an increasingly important part of this new, pluralistic Germany. This is obvious, especially in the fields of sports,
music, entertainment and even politics. However, the reality is that only a few have been able to successfully integrate into their new country. Most live in a
so-called „parallel world“ with little prospect of a decent education, a well-paid job or professional advancement. In order to avoid the mistakes that happened
with other waves of immigration, German-Africa Insight (GAI) eV is trying to adapt and assimilate African-Germans into German society with projects and
programs on cultural diversity and integration.