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German-Africa Insight, GAI eV  ., is a non-profit association registered since 2013 and based in Freiburg im Breisgau. Our focus is on integration work, refugee work and intercultural and international cooperation. Our goal is to promote and support the social, economic and political integration of African immigrants in Germany. 

We are also committed to promoting international understanding and the establishment and implementation of sustainable development projects in Africa. For example, we support and encourage young Africans, especially young women, in their professional training and career in Germany.


On the one hand, GAI eV in Freiburg contributes to the integration of refugees into German society through various real-life and everyday activities, on the other hand we offer migrants active help to master everyday life in Germany. An important key objective of our association is also to be in contact with the citizens in order to sensitize them to the topic of Africa and people with African roots, ie to do educational work.

Our association has a wide network in Germany. We cooperate with various African and German associations. In Freiburg, GAI eV cooperates with Aktion Dreiwelt eV, iz3w Freiburg and Südwind eV, which have been providing migration advice since 1976.  With our project partners in Africa, we support various innovative social projects that sustainably promote ecological development and fight social injustice.

integration and cultural diversity

Diversity plays a fundamental and enriching role in all modern societies. Despite the challenges that come with it, it cannot be overestimated. The resulting
„multicultural society“ is increasingly accepted as a reality in Germany. Historically, Germany has never had a culturally homogeneous founding history
or nation, although oddly enough, there are beliefs that „the“ Germanness exists. Characterized by waves of immigration and globalization, the country is
now transforming into a more open society. The question arises how we as an association (GAI eV) react to the cultural and religious differences? How do we
deal with them when they manifest themselves in a new, multicultural Germany?

In recent years, African-Germans have become an increasingly important part of this new, pluralistic Germany. This is obvious, especially in the fields of sports,
music, entertainment and even politics. However, the reality is that only a few have been able to successfully integrate into their new country. Most live in a
so-called „parallel world“ with little prospect of a decent education, a well-paid job or professional advancement. In order to avoid the mistakes that happened
with other waves of immigration, German-Africa Insight (GAI) eV is trying to adapt and assimilate African-Germans into German society with projects and
programs on cultural diversity and integration.

development and collaboration

Technologies and innovations have great potential to counteract poverty. As a country that has one of the most developed economies and strong, innovative
industries, Germany is a world leader. This country is at the forefront of engineering, healthcare and, more recently, renewable energy technology. Most
communities in Africa need access to advanced technologies to combat the impact of poverty. This is mainly caused by resource management – ​​unfortunately
ineffective in the long term – and by climate change. Effective management of natural resources, on the other hand, would not only result in new economic options
for African communities.

German-Africa Insight (GAI) eV carries out assessments for the special needs of communities in Africa in cooperation with a network of innovative German
companies, research institutes, investors and volunteers. The aim is to set up a network in which the various project participants are involved: They should exchange
their knowledge and best practices, enable technology transfer, and promote cooperation on technical innovations, their adaptation and implementation.

Our current projects focus on capacity building in Africa. The aim is to establish sustainable and renewable energies in different areas. It is also about finding suitable
and cost-effective solutions for this, which can be adapted to the needs of local communities and to the respective circumstances. This concerns, among other things,
more sustainable methods of construction practice on site, more efficient management of waste disposal and electricity generation from renewable energies.

Development Assistance

Reconstruction assistance is a key factor in international cooperation for developing countries. This also applies to developed countries if sustained economic
development is striven for together. Frequently, the value of reconstruction aid for Africa is claimed to be small and ineffective. This is due to the fact that,
unfortunately, Aid for Africa is sometimes used to serve the strategic or economic interests of international donor groups. The donors also often lack understanding
for the explosiveness of the situation on site.

German-Africa Insight (GAI) eV cooperates with partner organizations, donors and through so-called „community funding“ by civil groups and NGOs in several places
and regions in Africa. In doing so, we support the development of responsible government, sustainable micro-development, women’s rights and empowerment. We
are also active locally in the areas of health care, agriculture and rural development, youth education, environmental and disaster management.

Leadership and forum for top executives

German-Africa Insight (GAI) eV as well as the management and the forum of top executives form a platform for personalities from profession and society with different cultural backgrounds. These men and women have made outstanding contributions to their jobs in Germany, they have founded or made projects possible in Africa. We always invite different representatives to share their experiences in discussions and workshops.

The aim of the initiative is to make successes visible. At the same time, it provides a platform where young people, primarily from the Afro-German community, are encouraged to advance personally and professionally and are looked after by mentors. It is also a dynamic network to promote cooperation between like-minded people and to access the potential of future young top executives.


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We are pleased that you want to support us. In order to be able to realize our projects and help people, we need your financial support. Since we all work on a
voluntary basis, your donation reaches the people and our projects without any deductions. We are also happy to accept project-related donations in kind. We are
very grateful for every contribution, no matter how small.

Our bank details for direct donations or bank transfers and standing orders are:

Recipient: German-Africa Insight (GAI) eV
IBAN – DE60 6805 0101 0013 2734 15
Bank: Sparkasse Freiburg – Nördlicher Breisgau

Purpose: “Keep our girls in school – A sanitary pad project”‘ Nigeria
The aim of this project to provide reusable/washable sanitary pads. This project will drastically reduce the school dropout rate for vulnerable “girls” from underprivileged and poor families.

Purpose: “Hotspot Mobil / Cooking Together” Freiburg
Form cooking teams from refugees with different countries of origin and instruct them in workshops. Improving social cohesion among immigrants, refugees and the local community, reducing xenophobia/racism

Your donation can be claimed for tax purposes . German-Africa Insight (GAI) eV is recognized as a non-profit organization by the tax office in Freiburg im Breisgau ( Tax No.: 07034/03107 ). Please always give your complete address so that we can send you a donation receipt. This happens automatically with a donation of more than 100 euros, under 100 euros the tax office recognizes the account statement. 

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